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You’re a heart-centered rebel

who wants to live your best life! You are here because you’re looking for strategies to help you become your best, and you also might be an entrepreneur!

My name is Amber Swenor, creator of Impact Academy and I help people like you to live your best, most authentic life!

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As a multi-successful entrepreneur, business owner, and musician, provide both heart-centered and strategic transformational brand + business coaching for coaches, healers and creatives. I understand that what you desire is to build a profitable business that’s in alignment with who you are! Business on your terms. No more cookie cutter marketing programs or being lost in a crowd in an overwhelming online group. Find out what a different type of intimate, transformative, authentic, and you-centric coaching experience can be like. Learn more about business coaching, and discover the empowering solution you’ve been seeking.


Experience a fully aligned brand by infusing strategy into your soul’s purpose and ultimately uncovering what your heart’s desire looks like in its truest business form.

You’re dangerously close (in a good way) to unwrapping every step that’ll expose your greatest business achievement.  

I’m offering up the same strategic brand building method and business framework that I used to authentically grow an impactful business, and that we use with clients in my agency, all geared for you, the heart-centered entrepreneur.

Specifically created to support uniquely purpose-driven people like you, this framework supports you in defining your vision and developing a plan to make it happen.

Go beyond the one-size-fits-all method to Uncover, Unlock, and Unleash a strategy that is 100% uncommon and authentically you.

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You desire to live an aligned life. To unlock your greatness. Retreats provide the unique power of personal connection, and when nurtured in a safe space with guided support, this allows your transformational journey to unfold. Learn more about Impact Academy Retreats for Purpose-Driven People


Amberdella is a Visionary Leader who leaves lasting impressions on conference attendees. She is a leader on Customer Experience Strategy, Marketing to Millennials, The New Purpose-Driven Economy and, the Rise of the Heart-Centered CEO. Learn why audiences love Amber’s talks.


You’re a heart-centered badass who wants to better your life, live your purpose, and make an impact on the world. You know there is more to business than just making money, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice profit to make an impact. If this speaks to you, contact me, I am the coach for you.

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Learn the 5 steps to get clarity in your messaging! This training will grow your confidence in your brand messaging, help you effectively articulate your value to attract and close ideal clients, and give you a roadmap for how to market your business or personal brand so that you stop wasting time and money on ineffective strategies.
When Amber started coaching me, I was barely getting by. I went from struggling and getting by on $1,200-$2,000 a month, to $11,000-$13,000 a month in less than a year working with her. This life is something that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me even a year ago. Without Amber’s help and guidance, I know I’d still be back there somewhere trying to figure it out. She has helped me fast track my success and I cannot recommend the services she provides enough. I’ve been able to move my kids and I out of a 2 bedroom apartment, into a nice house with a pool, and into a better school district. I can’t imagine how lost and stuck I’d still be if I hadn’t made the investment to do this work. 

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I took Amber’s course on branding, hoping I could learn more about marketing my business myself. I got what I expected and much more. For me, the course was life-changing. For the first time, I was able to understand and define what my brand is and learned who my customers are. Through my new understanding, I can now finally effectively market my business.
Denis S.

Owner, My Money Tax & Accounting Services

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