You’re a heart-centered visionary leader here to live your best life while helping others …

you built a business for impact + income, but you’re tired of the grind, and you know that there must be another way to step into the next level…. 

Starting now, you’re so over trading hours for dollars. You’ve set your sights on creating a business that is in total alignment with who you are and what brings you joy.

You’re thinking: How and where do I begin to get more focused, and bring my dreams to life, nail down exactly who I am, what I stand for, and how I’m unique when I’ve got tons of responsibilities and 1256 ideas to sift through?

I’m Amber Swenor, transformational life & business strategist for rebel-spirited visionary leaders, and I know exactly what it’s like to be filled with big dreams and unsure about what step to take next!

After working in marketing and sales for years, I started an award-winning brand strategy and marketing firm Strategic Partners in 2015 as a solopreneur and grew the business to a team of nine and $1M+ revenue, in less than three years time. But, regardless of the size of business that you may desire to grow, if you’re like me, your primary objectives are that your business fulfills a mission, and is in alignment with who you are while supporting the life that you desire.  Business, on your terms! It’s not too much to ask for. As a musician, it was important for me to grow a business that would work for my lifestyle and today, I help badasses like you to create the same! My path was not a clear cut road. As a first generation high-school and college graduate, I’ve had my share of money stories, limiting beliefs and bad decisions, all of which inform and empower how I hold the space for leaders like you to walk your transformation journey. And oh, that voice that pops up that makes you question your big bold ideas? That never totally goes away, but overtime, your empowered voice will become stronger! It’s my mission to help heart-centered leaders like you to rise up into your authority and claim the vision that you have for yourself and for the communities you impact!

Whether you’re looking to grow to $5k months, $50k or $50M, I can help you get the answer straight from your soul, and then back it up with powerful brand and business growth strategies. 

We provide group coaching for those scaling to their first $100K, a high level mastermind for those beyond $100K and who are building team, and high level 1:1 coaching for super high achievers ready to go all in.

Explore coaching programs here. And if you’re ready to chat with a member of our team, you can get busy with that here.

For the dreamers and leaders, the odd-balls and achieving underdogs of the world, your idea isn’t crazy, you can scale your dream, and there is someone out there who “gets you,” and who can support you in stepping fully into your dream!

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I’m Ready For An Aligned Badass Business + Life


My deep belief in the power of empathy and emotion, and how they play a big role in business today is my secret sauce (and probably yours too, and I can teach you how to transform that into your greatest strength). Invoking feelings of purpose to an adoring audience opens the floodgates to endless opportunities measured both in love and dollars & cents.

I didn’t grow up believing in what I do today. Through stages of struggle I built a high tolerance to fear and broke through lifelong limiting beliefs, taught others how to lean into theirs so they too could overcome, and finally outgrew the past that kept me small.

The ability to express who you are or where you come from is a basic human right. Believing in your wildest dreams is too. That’s what I’m here to help you start believing and living.

I left my six-figure career and started a business with no guarantees. Using the same framework that I use with clients today, I built the business you see before you.

Unleashing my authentic self set me free from all fear based restrictions. Let me help you reach the next-level version of you and your business.

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