Client Experience Specialist

Are you the ultimate right-hand person, self-starter, reliable, intrapreneur who is looking to align yourself with a purpose-driven company and is hungry for an opportunity to grow your way up into a key leadership role? Does the idea of multitasking on 8 different things, with a lot of responsibility, excite you? If you are a motivated, strategic, productive, fun-loving, and caring person who thrives in a supporting role while also being a leader, then read further.

My name is Amber, creator of Impact Academy, and I’m seeking a kick-ass part-time client experience specialist to fill a key support role among our growing team.

This is a unique position as a client experience specialist, brand manager and executive assistant, with the opportunity to grow into operations management for Impact Academy.

We support heart-centered people, and purpose driven entrepreneurs to uncover their dreams, and build successful businesses that are in alignment with who they are from the inside-out, while growing their impact and income. We help them do this through group coaching, retreats, workshops, speaking events and courses.

Our mission for IMPACT is supported by the following values: Individualism, Motivation, Passion, Authenticity, Caring, & Transformation within a fun-loving and spirited environment. Your role would be to assist Amber in fulfilling this mission for impact.

The position will start out at 5-6 hours per week with flexibility to work from home and will grow from there. The position is anticipated to grow to 8-10 hours per week within 3 months. There is the potential for this position to grow into full time.

Position Details

This position is for you if:

  • You are a fast learner that picks things up, requires minimal training, and aren’t afraid to jump in, start implementing, and take leadership.
  • You believe in and wholeheartedly support Amber’s mission, vision, and values and love being an intrapreneur in a key support role.
  • You are self-aware and receptive to feedback for your own growth and development and are capable and confident in your existing abilities.
  • You will have Amber’s back 100% as a person and a professional, ensuring she’s managing her calendar in a way that allows her to accomplish the strategic objectives that have been defined for Impact Academy and SPM.

Desired Personal Qualities

  • Strategic: Can see the big picture and sees how the pieces fit together within that larger vision; has the ability to balance priorities, and execute.
  • Organized: Easily structures their day to accommodate tasks and priorities, managing multiple projects at once. If you love making things neater and tidier, that’s perfect for this role.
  • Responsive: Amber is a very quick person with a full calendar. While she respects personal boundaries, she needs someone who can often respond to requests quickly.
  • Positive: No complainers allowed! The SPM and Amberdella teams are all built around taking personal responsibility, and that’s important for this role as well. We recognize that everyone has off days, but having self-awareness around this is key. Amber wants to continue building a positive, supportive work environment.  
  • Motivated: You take initiative, rather than just waiting what to be told to do, and you are motivated because you’re passionate about what you’re doing and believe the mission. You are self-driven.
  • Intrapreneur: You are happy to help innovate and do work internally but do not have a high desire to go out and build your own business immediately. Because the real fruits of this work and the biggest opportunity will be realized 6-10 months into it, I’m looking for someone who is excited to and wants to be in this role for at least a year or longer. It will take a few months to really find out groove and see greater opportunities available :)
  • Fun: Someone who can laugh and enjoy life. Amber is a very focused person who also approaches life and work with fun, positivity, and appreciation and would like an experience manager/ executive assistant who is upbeat and fun to work with.


Necessary Skills

  • Someone to be the gatekeeper and manage the calendar by being very STRATEGIC, ORGANIZED, and RESPONSIVE
    • We are not looking for someone who just fills in appointments, but someone who can wrap their head and heart around who Amber is, all that she balances, and be able to make judgment calls about what can/can’t get onto the schedule
  • Strong communication and grammar
  • Discerning and value for HIGH QUALITY: anyone can make an event graphic, anyone can plop people into a schedule, but Amber is looking for someone who is strategic, and has expectations for high quality. Amber is looking for someone to execute on the items that need to be done, while adhering to brand standards, brand voice, and high expectations

Nice-to-Have Skills:

  • Graphic design: there are times when graphics are needed for programs being developed, online ads, creating events/graphics for speaking gigs
  • Copywriting or copyediting: Nice to have but not necessary
  • Sales Skills: Be able to submit Amber for speaking events, and always be a cheerleader for Amberdella services
  • Event Planning

Tasks of the Job 

  • Be the client experience specialist and take responsibility for the Amberdella programs with tasks, including:
    • Preparing and sending new client contracts
    • Welcoming clients to the program
    • Scheduling appointments for coaching clients
    • Sending other updates to clients, as needed
    • Ensure that clients are having a high-quality experience
  • Depending on your skills: Creating graphics as needed, sending email marketing pieces and copy editing, as needed
  • Manage Amber’s meetings and calendar
  • Assist with creating presentation materials
  • Support sales efforts, as needed
  • Seek speaking opportunities and prepare submissions
  • Manage Amber’s speaking calendar, get all necessary items to clients for speaking events
    • Revise Amber’s bio, choose appropriate photos based on the event
    • Coordinate any necessary logistics
    • Keep Amber informed about deadlines ahead of time so that presentations and handouts are ready by deadline
  • Coordinate logistics of live events
    • Seek venue and service quotes
    • Adhere to budget
    • Coordinate all event logistics
    • Prepare media release forms
    • Get all necessary forms signed from participants
    • Create materials for events

The 5-10 month vision may involve joining on retreats and live events, potentially assisting with closing sales for retreats/coaching programs.

I’m ready to be your Client Experience Specialist!

Impact + Income Potential

  • Hourly pay based on experience
  • Bonuses/commission based on overall company growth
  • Opportunities to join Amber at events
  • Play a key role in organizing retreats and events around the world