Summer Revival

Retreat: August 2019

Calling all heart-centered powerhouse women who are destined for greater success! (even if you are wavering in your confidence right now)

It’s my mission to support fellow purpose-driven women in business, service-professionals and entrepreneurs like you. No matter where you come from, what you have to overcome, no matter what is holding you back, if you desire it, it’s my mission to help you achieve it.

Are you a passionate, soulful, heart-centered woman who is called for something more? You are doing well, but sometimes you find yourself in a whirlwind of things to do, finding it hard to make time to strategize for your next up-level….

You are generally happy with your progress, but also tired of keeping yourself smaller than you desire to be, tired of just doing ok when you know you’re capable of more. You’re ready to bust through your next up-level and realize a bigger vision for yourself.

This is where the Summer Revival retreat comes in….

This retreat is happening this summer only and is a deeply intimate experience with no more than eight women. And over two days, I guide you through a transformational journey to help you uncover your values and passions, celebrate your wins, determine what is going to serve you moving forward, and get crystal-clear on your next up-level goals that will bring greater joy and profit.

Past retreat participants of similar retreats have experienced major shifts in their self-confidence, increases in income, how they show up in the world, greater opportunities and greater income, in just DAYS after the retreat… and weeks and months later, they report continued moment, and living a life that is more aligned than it’s ever been before, with greater joy and ease.

You deserve to live
the life you desire,
now. Not someday.

I am shocked by the positive transformation that has come as a result of Amber’s coaching and retreat, in just a matter of weeks! I am so blessed and grateful to have attended!


Coach for Healers, Creative, Elder Advocate, Valerie's Workshop

This Retreat is For:

  • Professional Women that desire a Reprieve + Revival to re-focus on your next up-level in business + life
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Service-based professionals, Sales-women

Do you feel like you’re heading for burnout and know you need to “get away,” for a reset before everything consumes you? Desire some downtime to yourself to re-center and re-focus on future goals? Interested in a few days “away,” in a gorgeous setting, surrounded by other amazing, heart-centered, powerhouse women? Believe in the power that comes from surrounding yourself with other high-vibe, successful women, who help you become more of your best-self?

If you’re answering, Yes! Yes! Oh Heck Yes! Then this Summer Revival Retreat is for you! 

What to expect

An opportunity to pause, and then to re-charge.

This will be a guided personal development retreat with coaching around clarity, confidence and strategy. It will provide the opportunity to look back over your life, and the last year, and to take pause to show gratitude to yourself, and to be conscientious about what you are carrying with you moving forward. The retreat will provide an opportunity to re-charge, so that you can move ahead, revived. 

The Guided Revival Retreat Experience will Include: 

  • A pre-retreat group coaching prep call 3 weeks ahead of the retreat to prepare your mindset and meet the other fantastic attendees
  • Story-weaving: Identifying what no longer serves you, what you are letting go of, and identifying what IS serving you that you are choosing to carry with you forward
  • Success Celebrations: Owning what you’ve accomplished AND who you are
  • Restorative Wellness Classes to re-charge
  • Goal Setting: Defining 1-3 specific goals that you are working toward both professionally and personally, and mapping out a 6 month action plan to help you achieve your goals
  • A post retreat 1-1 coaching call 

Because I believe in creating safe and supported spaces for our retreat participants, and because I’ve seen, first-hand, the magic, power, and transformation that is possible by bringing together a group of people who share similar goals, and a desire to support each other, it’s required that all clients submit an application and have a consult with a member of our team. We do this so that we can ensure that the retreat or program you are applying for is the right fit and will help you achieve what you are looking for, AND, so that you can assess us and see if we are the right fit for you! Retreats are personal, and hey, your life is busy! If you’re going to take time to hang with me, I want to ensure that we both get the most out of the experience, and that requires trust and respect.

If this speaks to you, I welcome you in to apply and start the conversation! Let’s see if our approach aligns and if we are in vibe! Let’s refresh and reset for the second half of 2019! 

Want to know more about what this experience can mean for you? Feel free to scroll the site and read customer testimonials, or read Kate’s story here. Would you like to know more about what inspires me to serve women like you? Check that out, here.

When I first learned of a retreat Amber was hosting, I was nervous to invest in myself without having a pure grasp on what growth I needed or wanted. I decided to jump on board and attended the weekend retreat with an open mind, but still nerves! The weekend changed my outlook on myself, my future and my outlook on others in my life! Amber has a genuine gift for making you feel comfortable in the process of searching your soul and digging deep. Not only that, but the group she brought together felt like it was a perfect fit. We all left with a special bond; something I never even expected. I’m so glad I took a deep breathe and went for it!


Realtor + Entrepreneur


This retreat will take place at the Midwest’s premiere, Sundara Spa, voted #4 Best Resort Hotel in Travel + Leisure magazine’s “World’s Best Awards for 2018,” located in beautiful Wisconsin Dells, WI (50 minutes north of Madison, 3 hours north of Chicago, 90 minutes northwest of Milwaukee). It will take place from 4p Wednesday August 21 through 11:30am on Friday August 23. Luxury transport will be provided for guests flying into Madison airport.

Included in the retreat investment:

  • Guided Content + Experiences in a luxurious setting surrounded by nature to guide you in a transformational growth journey to help you pause, re-set, discover, set goals, and be revived as you move forward with a clear plan to achieve the goals that you will have been supported in outlining (Sundara is wireless free in common spaces to ensure a truly self-connected experience)
  • 2 nights lodging (There may be an option to room with another retreat attendee if you wish to reduce overall cost and make a new friend!)
  • 5 delicious, organic meals of your choosing
  • All coaching including Pre + Post coaching, materials, and activities included
  • Full access to the Sundara pools, relaxation areas, and classes including yoga, guided meditation, cooking classes and more  
  • Private spa services available at a special discounted rate


Investment will be paid to Impact Academy (do not contact the resort to make the reservation as this is special group pricing). Upon arrival at the resort, you will provide a card for incidentals on your room.

There are options to get together with your friends or other attendees and share a room. If you are interested in sharing a room we will try to pair you with another attendee, however, we cannot guarantee that another attendee will be available to share. 

Visit the Sundara site here to review the gorgeous rooming options.

All inclusive pricing Investment includes meals, lodging, use of spa, activities training + tax:

Premium room (1 king feather bed, spa shower system):

  • Single Premium Room: $1,188/person
  • Double premium Room (shared room): $898/person


The retreat takes place from 4pm on Wed. Aug. 21 – 11:30am Friday Aug. 23


  • Guests are welcome to use the spa amenities starting at 10am. Room check in between 2-4p. You will be able to store your items if you arrive prior to room check-in.
  • Arrive to Retreat space by 4:15p 
  • 4:15-5p: Outdoor welcome reception
  • 5 – 6p: Content session 
  • 6 – 7:15p: Dinner
  • 7:15-8:15 pm: Evening reflection activity


  • Specific agenda will be shared with attendees.
  • Meals, sessions, restorative activities, and open time to use spa amenities. 


  • Breakfast, morning session and closing session. Retreat concludes at 11:30am. Guests are welcome to use the spa amenities all day 

Woodland Suite (1 king feather bed that can be converted into 2 twin beds, spa shower, balcony)

  • Single Woodland Suite: $1,238/person
  • Double Woodland Suite (shared room): $938/person

Plush Suite (1 king feather bed, 1 queen pull out, spa shower, jetted spa bath, screened in balcony, sunken living area)

  • Single Plush Suite: $1,368/person
  • Double Plush Suite (shared room): $958/person

Luxury Suite (2 king feather beds, 1 queen pull out and 1 twin pull out, 2 bathrooms, 75″ whirlpool bath, screened in balcony, sunken living area)

  • Single Luxury Suite: $1,588/person
  • Double Luxury Suite (shared room): $1,149/person
  • Triple Luxury Suite (shared with 3x people): $898/person
  • Quad Luxury Suite (shared with 4x total people): $839/person


I feel so incredibly fortunate to have attended the retreat. Amber has an incredible gift and ability to bring people together, which created an amazing space for all of us to explore our personal and professional goals. I have 6 amazing new friends who love and support me, and I look forward to seeing where my newfound clarity takes me!


Attorney & Speaker

You are called to Lead: Why this work matters in your life? 

How often do you look around, and feel less than or overwhelmed by what everyone ELSE is doing?

This work matters to you because it’s an opportunity to look inward, and focus on YOUR leadership and what you are doing in your own life, for your own fulfillment as well as, in service of others. As your guide in the journey, I create and hold the space for your personal leadership development, however, the experience is about you, and for your growth. To achieve that big picture vision, it requires shifting from looking around at everyone else, to looking inward, and then moving to action. Sometimes, in order to do that, it requires pause, reflection, and guidance to get clear on what you are striving toward.  

This is an opportunity for reflection and planning, and often, this work is most productive when facilitated by someone who can help you navigate your thought process and decisions. Even as the business coach, I have a network of fellow coaches who I turn to for clarity conversations. As humans, and more-so for women, we thrive through relationship and community. Isn’t it time you allowed yourself that pause, and re-charge? 

How this retreat experience will help you make measurable progress in your life and on your goals 

  • You will be guided to build upon your personal strengths, skills, and goals
  • You will gain clarity into your greatest desires and strengths
  • Learn how to leverage those strengths to achieve your dream goals
  • Define an action plan to achieve 1-3 specific goals

It’s not about showing up to prove anything to anyone. It’s time to stop looking around, and instead, look inward, so that you can begin to live your purpose in a bigger way!