You’re here to live your

soul-centered calling.

The work you do in your business is an extension of you.

It is possible to grow profits,

rooted in purpose.

Discover how.

As an authentic rebel, you aren’t going to win playing by someone else’s rules, you’re here to write your own. But that doesn’t mean you’re meant to do it alone


Just as you are one-of-a-kind, your business goals and needs are too.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been helping heart-centered rebel entrepreneurs to intentionally and strategically build their one of a kind authentically aligned brands that support the life that they desire.

My gift and passion is meeting you where you are, helping you define what you desire, and then outlining the path to achieve it. I marry my skills for empathy and strategy to help you tap into your soul-centered brand message that will make authentic connections with your audience while backing everything with actionable step-by-step strategies to help you implement every step of the way. Want to know more about my journey? Find that here.

The results you’ve been seeking, while being supported by someone who actually gets you, is just one conversation away.

I know what it takes to help entrepreneurs like you see real results, which is why we are founded on values for heart-centered partnership and strategy.

Partnership means that we work together, hand in hand. We operate as your strategic business advisor, knowing you and your business inside and out. Having a trusted advisor on your side to hold space for you in your personal journey: that’s when the real magic happens. Your business is uniquely yours, but you don’t need to build it alone.

Once you complete the form, based on what you share, you will be guided in a next step that is the best fit based on your stated goals and needs. You may be invited to schedule a Breakthrough Call with me or a member of my team.

Yes, a real human who cares about you, your big vision, and the impact that you can have by creating a successful business!

The primary goal of a breakthrough strategy call is to help you attain clarity and direction for your business growth journey. We will recommend the next best step, including which program is best suited to help you achieve your goals.

This call is not high pressure or a pitch-fest, however, it is meant for people who are ready to step into growth. If your goals align with the support that we provide, you’ll be invited into a program. If you are not interested in taking action toward your dreams, this call may not be the right fit for you at this time.


What do you say? Ready to get to work on your soul-centered badass business?


Let’s chat!!!


Programs + Coachings

Online programs

Impact Brand Starter Kit

8-week program

Impact Brand Starter Kit is perfect for you if:

  • You’re taking your first steps in building your business
  • Your sales are low and you want to grow, at a baby step pace
  • You’re looking for a step-by-step guide that you can do on your own time to get started on defining your brand and a strategy to move your business forward
  • You’re cool with DIY and will upgrade to 1-1 support if/when you’re ready


Power Strategy Session

Business Strategy Power Session is perfect for you if:

  • You’re stuck in one of three key areas in your business: clarity about where you and your business are headed, stuck on business strategy and how to achieve something you desire, or you’re spinning your wheels about your unique brand messaging and market positioning

  • You prefer highly focused, deep-dive sessions to get to the root of an issue, hammer through it, and take fast action

  • You’re a high-level thinker who struggles with taking ideas and streamlining them into a point of action, and you do well when co-working with others who can make sense of all the things swarming, and bring you down to earth and directly into action

  • You like high-impact coworking sessions

  • You are a fast thinker who can assimilate and adapt to new information, quickly

Impact Incubator Group + 1-1 Coaching

In this guided 1-1 + Group 4 month program you are guided in claiming your unique vision while developing a custom plan that is tailored to your soul’s purpose and formulated to build a successful business with integrity, that supports the vision you have for your life. It’s time to rediscover your soul’s purpose in this world, and reconnect with why you started this business in the first place. This is the ticket to up-leveling your income, by leading with impact. Take a different path, emerge into the higher version that you see for yourself, and build an amazing business that’s undeniably YOU. You’ll join a collective of soul centered CEOs to learn mindset shifts and strategies to help you design the life and business that you desire. This includes group calls, access to trainings for a year, and you choose the level of 1-1 support that best fits your needs!

Impact Mastery

This year-long, intimate experience is open to Impact Incubator graduates and those who have mastered the foundation and ready to reach new level of impact and income through optimizing, scaling, and building team. This experience includes on-going 1-1 support with Amber, group coaching with a powerful community of like-minded badass women in business, and in-person retreat and event experiences!

Impact Elite

This customized, intimate, 1-1 Soul + Strategy experience is for clients with scaled products or services, who are supported by team, on top of your game, and are looking for a trusted guide to provide soul-centered support that enables and empowers you as you are guided to continue exploring the depths of all that you are meant to become. This experience is for high-achievers who are looking for someone of equal strength to hold sacred space as both a guide and mirror for you to explore your own personal growth, as well as a strategic co-creator as you shift, pivot, or develop new programs or offerings in your business.

Amy P.
Amy P.
Graphic Designer + Marketer, Women’s Self-Defense Trainer

“Amber helped me with so many small things along the way which has turned out to be something actually quite huge! Amber helped me grow my business but she’s provided me so much more support t... Read More

Carrie W.
Carrie W.
Financial Advisor

“Before I took the class, I had a good idea of what I wanted clients to know about me and the work that I do, but I couldn’t put it into words. Amber’s class and insights helped me develop t... Read More

Katie H.
Katie H.
Rebel Wellness

“I started coaching with Amber while I was building my business, Rebel Wellness, from the ground up while I was working a full-time job. I was struggling with the entire concept of “brand” f... Read More

Coach for Healers, Creative, Elder Advocate, Valerie's Workshop

“I attended an event hosted by Amber and the personal positive transformation that has come from that experience has been profound. I started feeling greater confidence and a sense of relief kno... Read More

How do I know which option is for me?

I’d like to grow my side-gig business

DIY Impact Brand Starter Kit

Learn the fundamentals for creating a profitable business, on your own time. You don’t even need a business yet to learn from this course.

I’m stuck in my business & I want help, fast!

Business Strategy Power Session

Believe it or not, you can get massive clarity and action steps forward in an intensive 90-minute deep dive. Clients have told me that in one session, for the very first time, they had a solid plan, and knew how to describe themselves in a snazzy 1-liner hook. Consistent action forward may require coaching. But, if you assimilate info quickly and are a fast action taker who wants to get un-stuck fast, without making a long-term commitment, then this power session is for you.

I feel stuck about my purpose and where I’m headed

Life Purpose Deep Dive

People have said I helped them “claim their truth,” in just one call. If you are ready to peel back the layers and get clarity for what you came here to do, this personal deep dive will help you uncover that truth. In this guided work, you will identify your truths, what matters to you, and you’ll be guided in getting honest about what’s holding you back, so that you can shift your mindset, beliefs and patterns, to shift toward living a purposeful life. You’ll be guided to tap into your own internal compass as you deepen the journey of self-discovery and uncover what you are meant to become.

I want $100k in annual sales

Impact Incubator: Business + Life Coaching

You need a business in place and are making sales. I’ll help you see the gaps in your biz so that together, we can fix them. I’ll help you get clear on your unique brand, and a strategy to grow.

I have a team; what’s next?

Impact Mastery: Business + Life coaching

You need a foundation in place, $100k+ in annual sales. I’ll help you optimize and uplevel in the areas that matter to you.

Get me out of the side-gig biz, I want to grow!

DIY Impact Brand Starter Kit
Impact Incubator Business Coaching

You have a business and are making sales or are ready to make them. Whether you DIY or dive into coaching depends on your goals, timeline, and commitment to growth.

Are you a lone-wolf who likes to activate on your own?
Or, do you know that paying for accountability is going to help you stay accountable to actually get shit done?

The choice is yours.

Rates + Packages

So how does it work when I invest in myself, through you? It depends on if you are committing to a deep-dive or an on-going commitment. Either way, you’ll receive my full energy, guidance, and expertise to help you get clarity, strategy, and into action to help you live an authentic life of purpose and passion; and if you’re in business, one of profits too.


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